Stats Overview

Stats are available for all Selected and Non-selected golfers who were eligible for the pool.

The Stats page for the Selected golfers shows the profit or loss for each player, along with a profit ratio as well as the number of teams that player belongs to.

The Stats page for the Non-selected golfers shows essentailly the same information for those players who were eligible to be selected onto a team, but weren't.

Tournament results are available for all tournaments played to date. When this page is first opened the results from the most recently played tournament are shown. However, you can see the results from any previously played tournament by selecting it from the drop down list. By default, the results for each player in the field are shown. To see how each team performed for the tournament click the "Teams" button. The "YTD Position" will display the position held by the team in question as of the date of the tournament selected.

The "Money List" is a reflection of all the money won for the season to date for any player who started in at least 1 event, including pool eligible golfers who were not selected, as well as golfers who were ineligible for the pool.