The 2023 pool is over.

Congratulations to the overall winner, and to all those who finished in the top 75. Congratulations also to those teams that won a monthly prize.

To view a list of all year-to-date and monthly winners, click here.

If you think your team won a prize and it is not on the list, please contact me ASAP.

The last place team (The Loud House) won a free entry to the 2024 pool.

I will be contacting the owners of all the winning teams in the next week or two to arrange payment.

BMW Championship

The winner of the BMW Championship, Viktor Hovland, won $3,600,000. He's on 127 teams.

"Team Turks" was the best performing team, winning $5,090,000.

All teams made money in this event.

Weekly News

"J4GS" moved into first place.

"Pompon 1" dropped down to second.

"CHIEFS FAN" took over third.

August Monthly Pool

The monthly pool for August is now over. The winners were.....

  1. Beau Knows ($400)
  2. Hooligans ($300)
  3. Good Luck Charlie ($230)
  4. Team Muffin ($180)
  5. TheMetMTL ($130)
Yearly Stats

76 selected golfers earned back more than their buy price.

Patrick Cantlay and Nico Echavarria were the only non-selected golfers to earn back more than their buy price.

There were 132 golfers who earned more than $1,000,000.

The winning team earned $54,279,896, which is a record. The previous record was $43,346,583 which was set in 2022

There were 19 teams that did not earn back the $19,000,00 buy-in price. The last place team earned just $14,429,528. That was more than $39,000,000 less than the winning team earned.

There were 99 teams that won a cash prize. Of those, 13 won both a YTD prize and a monthly prize.

Of the 75 teams that finished in the money, all but 12 were anchored by John Rahm. Of the remaining 12, 10 were anchored by Viktor Hovland.

2024 Pool

The 2024 pool will start in January.

I expect that it will be run in much the same manner as always, but I do plan to give some thought to devising a way to try to avoid the situation that has developed for the past 2 seasons. In each, if you didn't have 1 or 2 specific golfers on your team, you were essentially out of the pool by the end of April. This year it was Rahm or Hovland, and last year it was Scheffler.

Prior to that, there were usually multiple combinations of golfers that would keep you in the running for much of the duration of the pool. I feel that makes for a more enjoyable experience for far more participants.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the 2023 golf season!