The CJ Cup

The winner of the CJ Cup, Rory McIlroy, won $1,755,000. He's on 102 teams.

"Oliviabby" was the best performing team, winning $3,436,554.

All but 2 teams won money in this event.

Weekly News

"Balls Deep" took over first place.

"Glizzy Boys" moved into second.

"The Implications" moved into third.

"Oliviabby" made the biggest move in the standings jumping up 477 spots into 16th place.

Prize List

The official prize list has not yet been posted. There are still several teams that have not been paid for, but I've been promised that payment will arrive this week.

Once all payments are in, and I'm comfortable with the final team count, I will post the list. That should be some time later this week.

Important Notice

If you own team "Hendrick", please contact me via e-mail. I do not have your e-mail address, so I have no way of contacting you. If I do not hear from you by October 21, I will have to remove your team from the pool.