The 2021/2022 Pool is now over.

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all of the winners.

2023 Pool

The 2023 pool will not start until January 2023. The first tournament will be the Sentry Tournament of Champions, which begins on January 5.

The delayed start is due to the continuing impact of LIV Golf. It's possible more PGA Tour players will defect to LIV during the remainder of this year. If that happened it would have a negative affect on the pool if it had already started. It's possible that those players who do defect may have been selected to a number of teams.

The website will be updated with a list of golfers eligible for the pool, and any rule changes, as soon as that information is available.

New participants are welcome to join the pool!

If you have not participated before, and you wish to do so in 2023, please send me an e-mail and I will let you know how to go about joining.

My contact information is available HERE